What is Health Coaching?

A Integrative Health Coaching system designed to empower individuals to make lasting healthy lifestyle changes. The Health Coaching goals are:

  • To teach clients how to make better health choices
  • Make sustainable diet and lifestyle changes
  • Identify and reach their self-defined health goals

Why do it?

  • Fat Loss:  Lose 4 - 8 pounds of excess body fat a month. 
  • Improve Fitness: Improve your mobility, endurance and strength with full-body movements regardless of your present fitness level.
  • Increased Energy: Learn to draw on your own stored body fat for steady, smooth energy. 

Monthly Coaching

Subscription Information

The pricing structure for online coaching is $500 initial payment, which includes the first month, questionnaire/structural analysis (by photos) and fitness assessment, plus a customized program.

Thereafter, a monthly fee of $100 is auto-billed to your credit card. You may cancel your subscription by email request at anytime.

This structure is designed to appeal to the action-oriented person.

If you're interested, please fill out the questionnaire.

How it Works

  • A Monthly 60-minute phone call where you set goals. From your goals we will create your plan of action for you to accomplish between calls. The phone call will be recorded and a copy will be sent to you.
  • Weekly I will follow up with you by email to help ensure all action items are getting done and see if you need help overcoming any obstacles.
  • Daily you are able to contact me via email or text message if you need immediate support and get a prompt answer.