Jawanza Sankofa 


I’m a personal trainer, movement enthusiast, and a Health Coach. I live in Bastrop, TX with my wife and two (of three) children.  My interests are strength training, yoga, ice bathes, Slackline, being outdoors, and getting the most fun out of everyday!

I’m happy to say I’ve been in the fitness industry as a personal training and coach for 2 decades now. The greatest reward for me is helping someone achieve his or her fitness goals whether these be weight loss, increasing strength, improving mobility, adding muscle, or increasing energy!

My interest in fitness started in high school. Like many young guys I wanted big arms, chest, six-pack abs, etc. So I started lifting weights but wasn't making much progress until one of my football coaches taught me proper form and techniques. Through that, I learned how crucial it is to have a good coach. I have seen first hand how bad health destroys your life. I’ve had several relatives die prematurely due to complications from diabetes, hypertension, and other lifestyle related diseases.

I want to be YOUR coach. I will help you ditch your chair, get off your butt, and move. Evidence shows that lifestyle determines how fast we age. People are aging at an accelerated rate due to sedentary living. My mindset is “use it or lose it.” We get old because we stop being active, we sit for hours without a thought of getting up to move. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way; together we can reject this sedentary lifestyle.

You have come to the right place. I will teach you simple methods and how to incorporate movement into your daily life. 

Let’s explore movement, and have fun doing it!