Hill Training - No Membership Needed


The fitness industry is all about fads and equipment, that’s how the money is made and that’s how they keep you coming back for more. That’s why you want see any commercials promoting hill training – no one makes money, it’s not glamorous, and it’s hard. The treadmill is no match for a hill, get outdoors do some hill training – walk, run or sprint a few times a week; you don’t need a membership, fancy workout clothing, lifting shoes, bands, straps, or instruction. All you need is heart, go scour your neighborhood/town find a hill, and get after it.

Benefits of hill training:

·      Less impact on knees

·      Builds mental toughness

·      Full body workout

·      No membership needed/saves you money

·      No crowds – not even at the start of the New Year

·      Helps you LGN – look good naked

In closing, the simple solutions offer the greatest benefits, now if I can only make hill training sexy, I could make millions!

Jawanza Sankofa