Loaded Carry

The Loaded Carry is one of the oldest and simplest ways to strengthen your entire body. There are several type of Loaded Carry but for this article I will focus on the Farmer's Carry. The standard Farmer’s Carry would consist of you grabbing two heavy object: dumbbells, kettlebells, 5 gallon water jugs, etc. and walking for time or distance. Such a simple exercise but you will be amazed with the full-body benefits. Here’s how it works:

  • Core braces and stabilizes the entire body
  • Grip strength (hands, wrists, and forearms) are put to the test
  • Upper back works to keep the shoulders and chest from rounding and lowering
  • Legs propel the walk
  • Cardiovascular system is put to work throughout the entirety of the movement because of the increased load on your body

For starter perform three sets, for time (ex. 30 sec.) or distance (ex. 50 yards), use heavier weights for short distance and lighter weight for longer distance.

Farmer’s Carry can be performed at the beginning of end of your workout and also as a stand-alone workout.


Farmer’s Carry can be performed with dumbbells, kettlebells, water jugs, buckets of sand, cinder blocks, beer kegs, logs, etc. but it doesn’t matter the equipment just as long as it safe and heavy.

In conclusion, the Farmer’s Carry is simple yet highly effective at building full-body strength. The Farmer’s Carry is only one type of loaded carry. You can progress to the other forms of loaded carry as your strength and stamina increases. Don’t over do it, perform a few sets at the beginning or end of your workout. Have fun, be creative and get after it.

Sample Workout

  • Bear crawl 40 yards
  • Run back 40 yards
  • Farmers Carry 40 yards

Repeat for 5 rounds