Personal Training

Working with a qualified fitness professional one-on-one is the best way to insure success in your physical training program. Books and videos are helpful but don’t communicate with you. Each person is unique with his or her own uniqueness! Get the results you desire, your time is valuable. Complete personalized training online or in person.

Your first step -  filled out the questionnaire, I will follow up to schedule a phone appointment that suits both of our schedules.

Group Training (Strength Camp)

Group training presents the opportunity for you to experience the benefits of working with a personal trainer at a lower cost. Group training gives you the extra encouragement boost you need to get up and active, while keeping your health and fitness goals in check. Other benefits of group training are:

  • motivation
  • structure
  • accountability
  • fun
  • support

These classes incorporate functional strength training to help you build a leaner, stronger, better looking body. The workouts incorporate a wide variety of exercises designed to help you shed body-fat, build lean muscle, develop strength and power.  Perfect for anyone who wants to simply move better and feel stronger in your every day activities.